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This site’s main purpose is to provide users with assistance on ammunition/cartridge identification, headstamp identification and general ammunition knowledge for centerfire, rimfire and shotshell cartridges. Because I have a DVD/USB for sale with very detailed information on headstamp identification, headstamps on this page are not updated but will still be left for users to view free of charge. Enjoy primitive, civil war, military, sporting, wildcat, shotshell or general cartridge collecting?... this page and the available DVD/USB and Online guide are for you.

As an avid cartridge/ammunition and shot shell collector, I have dedicated this site to the Cartridge Collectors and Law Enforcement Agencies who find this hobby exciting and historical. There also does not seem to be a lot of web space or information readily available for cartridge information, thus this site was created back in 1996. This site is not intended for, nor does it contain any gun information and very little in the way of re-loading or modern shootable ammunition (ex: boxes of ammo for sale). But you will find many collecting resources at your fingertips.


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Headstamp / Cartridge/ Shotshell  Information & Resources

By Curtis Steinhauer


Cartridge Headstamp  and Cartridge ID Guide on DVD or USB as well as an online version.  Finally a complete Cartridge Headstamp guide and caliber ammunition ID guide in one. No more searching through page after page or needing multiple books to find your headstamps or cartridge caliber ID.  The hard copy cersion you get Free email updates to keep database current and accurate for Also included in the Headstamp Guides are cartridge ID charts complete with 4500+ cartridge photo’s with full measurements to assist you. Online version is a one time purchase

Measurements to assist In your identifications. 95% of all cartridges listed have pictures to assist you. Centerfire, Rimfire and Inside primed are included. Used by Collectors Law Enforcement / Forensics, Educational Institutions, Museums, Historians and many more groups. Never pay again, all updates are included.

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        Headstamp Guide: Check CD Update page for the newest  updates. * New Online Guide  never needs updates.*

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