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(Hard copy editions include Free updates via server download to always keep current. Online web version is always updated and availabe for use anywhere)


Finally a cartridge headstamp guide that contains headstamp guides for Centerfire, rimfire and Inside Primed cartridges up to 20mm. Included is also a very detailed and comprehensive guide of both centerfire and rimfire/Inside primed section showing cartridge pictures and full measurements. A user 2 years ago printed the program and it was more than 1100 Pages.
It is like 4 books in one. However unlike books, errors, updates and new additions are always changed or updated.
Updates for USB/DVD versions are FREE via server download so you do not have to buy new a program or spend more money down the road. The online version will be constantly updated so no need to EVER update at all. The programs are all one time life purchase, not annual or subscription based like other programs.

Easy to use program with thousands of photo's and drawings to make identification easy. The DVD/USB has is it's own program with self launch features to make operating easy...Simply put in your DVD/USB drive and follow the instructions. Will work with any Windows system (both 32 and 64 bit). Only the online version works for both PC and MAC.

* Large fonts to make reading easy on the eyes.

* Weblinks to modern companies websites.

* Centerfire Guide: 8500+ color & a few B&W photo's / drawings / listings

* Rimfire: 2500+ headstamp and cartridge photo's, including some patent ignition cartridges.

* Detailed cartridge measurements with photo's of cartridge to help you ID your Unknowns (Includes case type, bullet diameter, case and cartridge over all length, rim and base diameters, shoulder diameter and angle if known, neck diameter, primer type and year of introduction and photos of 95% of the cartridges).

* Many new headstamps and headstamps that were once previously unknown in other publications are included.

* Individual listings arranged in a simple chart format. NO more flipping through page after page trying to cross reference multiple charts.

 * Easy, accurate and fully searchable headstamp listings.

* Cartridge guide with full measurements and pictures of centerfire, rimfire and Inside primed cartridges, including various wildcats.

* If errors or new listings, program can be changed unlike a book.

* detailed pages of some countries ammunition marking practices (Ex WW1 and WW2 Germany, Commonwealth countries etc)

* Information on various wars and country boundary changes which often effected cartridge production and locations.

* Detailed selected company histories

* Equivalent to 1000+ pages of print

Notice of updates and new additions to the DVD/USB will be posted on this website ( so you can ask for updates. No need to buy another book or pay for an update. Corrections already displayed on this site are already included on DVD's/USB's being ordered now. Online is always up to date.

Sorry this hard copy software will not work with MAC except the new online Web version. Web Version is Mac friendly.



Centerfire Headstamp & ID Guide

More than 8500 headstamps and cartridge listings. Included is company information, other headstamps used and dates of use when known. Contains links to manufacturers websites, pages to specific country information such as WW2 French and German ammunition marking practices, NATO codes, British L codes etc. A brief history of Modern conflicts and much, much more. The Measurement Guide contains more than 4000 cartridges with cartridge photo's and detailed measurements to help you ID your cartridges.

Centerfire Headstamp Guide Samples


Centerfire Cartridge Measurement Guide

 Rimfire Guide page selection




Special Sections included:
***Section: detailed company history (selected companies who provided information).
***Section for Commonwealth country military codes/Id help (Centerfire only).
***Section of conflicts/wars as these usually enhance cartridge development. Also maps of former country borders as they have changed with time.
***Section for specific country headstamp information where a unique system was used (Germany, Sweden, USSR, Italy & France etc.).
  ***DWM numbered headstamp chart (Centerfire only).

Some feedback quotes/ Testimonials from buyers:
"...easy to read and a lot of information. It is like 5 books in one"....., Minnesota. 2010

"....Really like the search feature, makes what I am looking for easy"....Holland, 2008

" I recently received a copy of your program and found the information quite
valuable. I work for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms in
Washington, DC as """"" for Firearms & Ammunition Identification
Training. I continually search for information products that would benefit
our special agents who must identify ammunition. We have approximately xxx
Special Agents who testify as firearm & ammunition experts in federal court.
Your product would be of benefit and therefore I would like to purchase multiple copies
 .....".....ATF officer, USA, 2009

"...nice format, easy to read and contains a wealth of info. Thanks for helping us collectors out".....Michigan, 2011.

"I am an ATF special agent in ........ and your program comes highly recommended.
I wish to buy at least 6 of them for the firearms/ammunition expert
witnesses within the ...... Field Division of ATF."  ....ATF officer, USA  2017

Our University currently has 45 copies of your program for our forensics training. Can you please provide information on expanding this to a license of 150 units. We find this a very valuable tool for our students. Canada, 2012

Thanks for making such an amazing product. I use it daily in my work and find this a huge asset. US Dept of Justice, USA, June 2015

"I am a DOJ agent in """I use your program at work daily and wish to buy another copy for home use. I have to say this is an amazing tool that has made my job easier. Thank you so much. January 2022

I love the format and searchability. Great pics and so much data in one program. I learn so much every day and I am an experienced collector. I heard you were trying to do an Online version is that True? July, 2023


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Centerfire & Rimfire Headstamp Guides & Cartridge ID and Measurement Guides Online Version

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