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June 10, 2022.

Version 17.3D 40 new CF headstamp listings, 4 rimfire, data updates/corrections.

November 6, 2022

Version 17.3E 11 new headstamps, 5 new cartridges. Many edits to formats, additional information added. Note: To those who requested updates and have not received them, I had a motherboard crash and lost some emails with new PC.

December 16, 2022

Version 17.3F Headstamp Guide all picture files have been compressed and all box pictures have been removed. This has reduced the size of the headstamp guide by more than 1/3 which will make it much quicker to download new updates. Many poictures have also been edited for better clarity. If one wants rimfire box pics there is section in the IAA resource centre that contains boxes. This guide was meant to ID cartridges and headstamps. Still an ongoing project as each graphic needs to be edited and compressed one by one.

January 19, 2023

All picture files have been compressed as per above. Many new cartridge photo's added in the measurement guide. Many photo's edited for clarity etc.

April 12, 2023

Version 17.3G 24 new headstamps added, more clarity edits, Webcode reduced.

June 3, 2023

20 new headstamps added, more clarity edits. New cartridges in Measurement guide.

September 31, 2023

23 new headstamps added, many spelling and grammar edits. Measurement Guide has been consolidated to Headstamp guide so only 1 file to use. NEW Online version being worked on to be released hopefully by the end of November. Current headstamp guide owners will have access to the online guide.

January 31, 2024

11 new headstamps added, 4 new cartridges added. Web Online Guide is running well..all test users and some customers have reported fast, easy use.

March 15, 2024

23 New headstamps, additional company information added. 4 new cartridges added to ID Guide

April 19, 2024

12 New headstamps, 7 new cartridges added to ID Guide. Some design changes


(Headstamps wanted for Guide)




Installing Software:

1) Insert DVD/USB
2) Wait for the DVD/USB to launch on its own and ask to "View files on DVD/USB
" or "Install EXE"
3) Choose Install exe.
4) Windows may ask if you will "Allow" the software so choose Allow.
5) Hit Next on menu command
6) Choose Yes to accept  License
7) Hit Next to allow the CD to copy files to: C\Program Files\VVHP\HeadstampGuide
8) will ask can create Directories. Choose YES
9) Choose Install
10) Next step will take 3-7 mins depending upon your PC. 2 Bars show while it installs. there are lots of graphics so it can take awhile...It may often say "click to Install' but you ill see "Install" is Grayed out ...just ignore it. While this 3-7 min process runs there is nothing more you need to do.
11) Installation will finish on its own, and ask you to choose END
12) A screen will appear with two icons...One says "Uninstall Hyperpublish" and the other "Visual Vision Hyper Publish".
13) Click on Visual Vision Hyper Publish and this will launch your software.
Once it is launched you can choose file open and select from Headstamp guide, measurement Guide and rimfire guide if you have purchased that one.
If you do not remember how to access the files once installed...go to start, program, program files and you will see the directory VVHP. Click on that file and choose headstamp guide. You may click on any of the black icons to launch...iper3rd is the main launch exe. But you can choose the file names such as Headstamp guide to launch CF headstamp guide, measurement guide to launch measurement guide or if you have it ,rimfire guide will launch rimfire guide..
I recommend to right click the iper3rd.exe file and choose create shortcut to put on PC main menu so you can have the quick launch on your desktop.
 No need to keep inserting the DVD to use the program, it will install onto your hard drive.

There is also a de-install icon in the same place should you need to delete the program and re-install later.
If the DVD goes through Installation but can not complete, this is a conflict with software on your system that you will need to fix.


How to get UPDATES

TThroughout the year there are always updates to the centerfire and measurement guides. If major design updates occur I will certainly state this on the new updates portion. There will always be some updates as I constantly research data and find new cartridges and headstamps or additional information. It is recommended to check this website periodically to see if there are major updates.

1) NEW DVD with updates:  Want a DVD update?  Send back your DVD with $12 in North America, $15 International to cover the cost of the return shipping, a new DVD, case and packaging etc. You will only need to re-install DVD for the updates. Your program will still work while you are waiting for the new edition DVD.

2) Online updates Via email absolutely FREE. (Through a secure and trusted third party host: Mediafire). Once I receive an email from you requesting an update, I will send via a third party company. You will receive an email with a link to download the file (s)...It can take awhile to download as the program is large, but this is still quicker than mail. Hundreds of people have used it and love it. If you do not have the core program files, the update will NOT allow you to use this program, so the program needs to be purchased and installed on your PC first.

When you download your file such as  "Headstamp guide", you simply copy that named file over the older same named file on your PC where this program is located and this will give you the new updated files. It is that easy.

Please include: email address to send updates to

NOTE: Do to piracy and multiple distribution of files, all links downloaded and number of  are tracked to user. Any violation of the download will result in suspension of any future downloads. Thanks for your understanding.


 Curtis Steinhauer