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Some photo's supplied by our friends at aussiemetaldetecting.com


History and formation of UMC:  Brigham Payne, a long
time employee and investor of Crittendon and Tibbals, was engaged to manage this said company. On September 29, 1865 Payne sold his interest in the company to Schuyler. Schuyler and associates then purchased land in Bridgeport from P.T. Barnum as well as purchased the C.D. Leet Company of Springfield, Massachusetts. They
built a new factory in Bridgeport and named it the Union Metallic Cartridge & Cap Co., which became fully functional in 1867. In 1912 the Union Metallic Cartridge Company and The Remington Arms Company were combined to one company in Bridgeport called Remington U.M.C and the headstamp was changed to Rem-UMC and used until 1960. Became the modern Remington Arms Co.

A special Thank You to Doug, Pete, Jim, Bob, Gary, Dan, Mike and George who provided many pictures for this page.


U.M.C. Co. Acme. Circa 1896 - 1908



U.M.C. Co. Arrow. Circa 1892-1910



U.M.C. Co. Black Club. Circa 1894-1896


U.M.C. Co. Challenge. Circa 1901 -1907


U.M.C. Co. Challenge Flower (Primrose) primer. Circa 1901 -1907


U.M.C. Co. Club. Circa



U M C Club (all brass). Circa 1885-1910's.

U.M.C. Co. Expert. Circa 1901-1908 



U.M.C. Co. Field circa 1892

U.M.C. Co. High-Base. Circa 1895-1900.


U.M.C. Co. High-Base flower (Primrose). Circa 1896-1910


" Lightning" U.M.C. Co.

Made for V.L & D (Von Lengerke & Detmold) circa 1892- 1900.



U.M.C. Co. Magic. Circa 1901-1908


U.M.C. Co. Majestic and with lines. Circa 1904-1908


U.M.C. Co. Majestic flower (Primrose) primer. Circa 1904-1908



 U.M.C. Monarch. Circa 1901-1908



U.M.C. Co. New Club Circle Primer. 1892-1896


U.M.C. Co. New Club. 1896-1900


UMC Co New Club SS. Circa 1890's


U.M.C. Co. New Club Star Primer. 1901-1910

12 gauge photo by:

Vincent Barrows


Nobel's U.M.C. Co. Ballistite

(Made for Nobel, UK in 1898-1904)


U.M.C. Co. Nitro. 1895-1900


U.M.C. Co. Nitro Club Flower (Primrose) Primer. 1900-1910


U.M.C. Co. Nitro Club (some with dashed before

and after Nitro Club). 1892-1913

UMC Co Normal Never released. Made as a trial in 1898


UMC Co Normal Nimrod, circa 1899/1900


U.M.C. Co. Primrose Club star primer. Circa 1896-1901


U.M.C. Co. S.G (2nd Grade). 1880-1887



U.M.C. Co. smokeless. Circa 1892-1905



U.M.C. Co. Star star primer. Circa 1884-1890

  U.M.C. Co. Trap. Circa 1890-1906




U.M.C. Co. Union. Star primer. Circa 1901-1912


U.M.C. Co V.L & D. (Made for VL &D) Circa 1890




U.M.C. Co. Walsrode Circa 1893-1898


U.M.C. Co. (Raised, all brass). Circa 1872


UMC Orcut primer Circa 1873-1875

U.M.C. Co. (all brass). Circa 1885 - 1910's.

U.M.C. Co. Circa 1881-1910's.Some have dot's between UMC, some do not. Those without appear to be 1881/1885.



U.M.C. Co. and UMC Co Bridgeport Conn (all Brass). Circa 1885 - 1910's.

(8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 gauges) Berdan and Boxer Primed.



U.M.C. Co. and UMC Co Bridgeport Conn (all Brass). Circa 1885 - 1910's.


U.M.C. Co. Seibolds Patent. Circa 1884-1886







UMC X X. (1883/1884)



U.M.C. Co. XX Circle Primer (mid 1880's)

Star (1880's)




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