North American RIMFIRE and I.P CARTRIDGES  

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Headstamps are all Impressed characters unless stated.


A= Aguilla, Mexico

A dot = Industries Technos S.A, Mexico

 A arrow = Alcan, USA. Arrow may also go the other direction.

 A = American Cartridge Co. & Federal Cartridge Co. who took them over.

 Raised A = American Cartridge Co.  1891-1894

 A&W = Allen & Wheelock, Mass.1857-1868

 AL = Federal Cartridge Co.

 A in circle =, Smith & Wesson

A =, Smith & Wesson


B = Browning Arms Co. Made by FN Belgium



C in circle = Caverhill & Learmont, Canada, but made by Kynoch, UK.

 C =  Clergy Machine Co.

two sided C = Omark, CCI Inc. Both Raised and Impressed Versions.

 CCI HS (shot tower) = Cascade Cartridge Co.

CCI shot tower = Cascade Cartridge Co., both USA and Mexico.

CCI in 3 diamonds = Omark CCI Inc. Headstamp used by both USA & Mexico Facilities.

 C = Creedmoor Cartridge Co.

 CC =  Cascade Cartridge Co.

C.D.L = C. D Leet, Springfield, Mass. 1862-1887.

C 12o'clock, F 6 o'clock  =Frankford Arsenal. C = Carbine Cartridge. F = Frankford Arsenal.

C F O = Construction Fastening Operation (Tool Cartridges).

Ci =  Omark CCI Inc, Mexico.

 C.T.M. Co. = Crittenden & Tibbals Manufacturing Co., 1850-1867

D = Dominion Cartridge Co., Montreal,Canada

Block D = Desa Industries. (Tool Cartridges)

E = Eatons Dept Stores Canada. Made by Dominion Cartridge Co.

 EP = Montgomery Wards Stores, Made by Federal.

F = Federal Cartridge Co.

FIE = Firearms Import & Export Co.

F.V.V & Co. = Fitch Van Vechten & Co. 1865-1868

G = Federal Cartridge Co.

G underlined = Gambles Stores

G with arrow = Gambles Stores

Large G = Fixrammer Corp. (Tool Cartridges)

Raised G in impressed Circle = Brown & Brothers

GG inter- twined = Gevelot, Canada


Raised H in depressed Circle = Winchester Repeating Arms Co.  

H =Winchester Repeating Arms Co.

 Scrolled H with D below = Winchester Repeating Arms Co.

Block H = Hornady Manufacturing Inc.

 Hi U Speed = Remington Arms Co.

HP = Federal Cartridge Co. (High PowerBrand)

 J.G. Underlined = Joseph Goldmark, NY.

J.G. = Joseph Goldmark, NY.

L. =  C. D Leet, Springfield, Mass. 1862-1887 on 32S and 32L only

L&K = Liddle & Keading


M = Phillip Medicus

M over W = Montgomery Wards Stores, made by Federal.

N = National Cartridge Co., Illinois. 1908-1909.

"NY.M.A" New York Metallic Ammunition Co 1864-?

O = Omark, CCI Inc.

O like 2 brackets put together [] = Omark, CCI Inc.

 O with line through top to bottom = Omark Industries, USA  

OWS = Old Western Scrounger.

Raised P in circle = Phoenix Metallic Cartridge Co., CT. 1872-1878. Purchased by American Ammunition Co in 1878.

Slanted P = Peters Cartridge Co. OH.

Block P = Peters Cartridge Co., OH

Peters HV =  Peters Cartridge Co., OH.

R design = Ramset Fastening Systems, USA

R = Ramset Fastening Systems, Canada

R with dot in = Ramset Fastening Systems, Canada

R in circle = Remington Arms Co.

Large R = Robin Hood Ammunition Co., VT. 1905-1916.

Large R = International Trading & Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Large scrolled R = Revelations Brand, Western Auto Stores

Block R = Revelations Brand, Western Auto Stores

R.E.M y = Remington Arms Co. 1951 contract for Israel.

REM = Remington Arms Co.

R 12 o'clock, F 6 o'clock = Frankford Arsenal. R = Rifle Cartridge. F = Frankford Arsenal.


S = Simpson Sears Dept. Stores Canada

 small S = Smith & Wesson

 large S = Smith & Wesson

S = Ramset Fastening Systems, USA

S.A.W. = Sage Ammunition Works.

Super X = Super-X Brand, Winchester Western, Canada & USA

Large T in Circle = Omark Industries Inc.

Small T in circle = Tool Co. (Tool Cartridges)

T T = True Value Hardware Stores.


U with dot in = Remington Arms Co.

U267 = Remington Arms Co. Headstamps on experimental .267 Caliber Cartridges.

U dot below = Cartuchos Deportivos de Mexico, Mexico

U with dot below all on top of HS =  Cartuchos Deportivos de Mexico, Mexico

U on top of Headstamp = Cartuchos Deportivos de Mexico, Mexico

U = Union Metallic Cartridge Co.

Raised U in circle = Union Metallic Cartridge Co.

US = United States Cartridge Co.

 Large US = United States Cartridge Co.

U.S Raised = United States Cartridge Co.

U:S Raised = United States Cartridge Co.

US Raised = United States Cartridge Co.

U'S raised = United States Cartridge Co.

US raised = United States Cartridge Co.

US superimposed = United States Cartridge Co.

US 1776 1876 = United States Cartridge Co. Special 45-70 Anniversary Cartridge.

V = Navy Arms Co. Cartridges made by CBC, Brazil

VF = Navy Arms Co. Cartridges made by CBC, Brazil

W =  Winchester Western

Large W = Winchester Western

Raised W = James Warner, made by ?

Scrolled w =  Winchester Western, Canada & USA

XL = Federal Cartridge Co.

XR =  Sears Roebuck & Co., made by Federal

Z = Industries Technos S.A, Mexico


Diamond = Winchester Western, Canada & USA Manufacture.

O with lines through = Omark Industries, Canada


Maltese Cross = Union Cap & Chemical. Joined Western cartridge Co in the early 1910's

Maltese Cross with Dot = Union Cap & Chemical.

Hummingbird = Aguilla, Mexico (Modern headstamp)

Yellowjacket (insect) = Remington Arms Co.


                BULLET: Paper covered shot loads. Belted ball, similar to USC Co. Some other bullets used.
                CASE: No distinguishing features

                BULLET: Early grooved type with very sharp pointed bullet point.
                CASE: May have concentric circles on head, with 2 opposing radial marks. Not always a
                certain indication.

                ETHAN ALLEN CO.:
                BULLET: Long double belted, pointed bullet with 1 grease groove (except the 41 Derringer).
                CASE: No distinguishing features

                PHOENIX METALLIC CO.:
                BULLET: Belted ball similar to the USC Co version, but smaller. Many bullets used. Paper
                covered shot loads. Made Merwin and Cup-Primed Cases.
                CASE: No distinguishing features, but rim may be undersized.

                SMITH & WESSON
                BULLET: Frequently a very dark colored lead with distinct mold marks
                Type 1: 2 piece case with fold where case joins rim.
               Type 2: One piece case with felt wad at head. sligth indentation of head.
                Type 3:One piece case, no distinguishing marks

                BULLET: Wide belted, round nose, target type with either no grease grooves, single, or
                double grease grooves.
                CASE: Centrifuse causes 3 to 8 ticks on the inner side of the rim.

                BULLET: Typical style, as well as one that has 2 equal sized grease grooves with a round
                CASE: May have very flat head, or the rim may be rounded without any centrifuse marks.

                BULLET: Typical style, also single narrow grease groove with a slightly flattened tip.
                CASE: 2 or 4 light dash marks on head.

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