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(Thanks to Mike and Rene who provided many photo's on this page)


Blue dot = Picture by Rene Polman. Many Russian photo's by Treshin.

Russian shotshells and boxes are difficult to Identify. Many brands such as Record I have seen with both Azot and Baikal headstamps. Boxes as well, I have seen the same boxes with Baikal, Azot, Iskra and Novosibirsk headstamped shells inside. Being communist many resources were shared amongst various factories on shells. Headstamps in English were made for export.



Plant #11 in business from 1915 to 1946 but mainly made artillery shells. Started making shotshells in 1947 under code 11 until 1953/1954.

Name started to be used in 1954 using 3ABOA A3OT marking (as in the first 5 samples). Those with Azot and English writing were shells made for Export. Record (A brand of Azot but also found on the hulls of Baikal). Record Russia and Azot Azot (2nd last headstamp below) are the only headstamps they now use on shotshells. They currently manufacture in 12, 16, 20 and 410 gauge though the 410 gauge is not headstamped.



Krasnozavodsk Chemical Plant #11. Triangle in a V headstamp.

 Headstamps that are 4 part with a star I have only seen on shells marked with 1964-1968 thus far. This Triangle in a V headstamp has been noted since about 1961 and seemed to be for the most part the main headstamp for domestic use while Azot, Record and Baikal became the export name. Have seen this headstamp up until the late 1990's. Now they only use "Record Russia" headstamps.

Record (A brand of Azot but also found on the hulls of Baikal). Record Russia and Azot are the only headstamps they now use on shotshells (Examples are the first 4 pictures below for Record). They currently manufacture in 12, 16, 20 and 410 gauge though the 410 gauge is usually not headstamped.

KX3=Coke made by Record (Azot)


Baikal (Izhevsk Mechanical Plant): Brand appears to have been mainly made by Azot and Iskra and for Export sales.

ISKRA, (Novosibirsk Low Voltage Equipment Works).

Headstamps of 188, 606 and now LVE on centerfire cartridges.

(Four below are for Export)

 Novosibirsk Low Voltage Equipment Works older and markings for Domestic use.

NCKPA is cyrillic for Iskra and appears to be operating as their own company now. LVE does not have shotshells listed on their site.


Klimovsk Cartridge Plant (modern for shotshells)


Pozis (modern company)


Fetter (2001+)


Cartoucherie Russo-Belge (1899 to the revolution)

                                                                                                                                                   Рус Бельг П З


Russian Cartridge Factory, Moscow. Pre 1917



(shotshells since the 1960's) Brands include Barnaul, Golden Bear, Silver Bear, Centaur


Tula Cartridge Works, Now called Tulammo


System Gordon, Italy. Made for Russia for Tula



Glavpatron (2003+)

(mainly uses foreign cases such as Cheddite, B&P as B&P, Italy helped set up this factory)



Ulyanovsk Machinery Plant
(State Factory #3), USSR. (all brass shotshells from 1944 to the 1960's)


Moscow Shot Foundry, Pre 1917

Above:(3ABOA No 5. 16 16 stars MOCKBA)


E Torbek Factory. Pre 1917. Cases by Moscow Shot Foundry.

Changed name to All Union, Patrubvvzryu then to Plant Number 5 (some have both Moscow Foundry and No 5 for plant number 5 on them). Various changes and names.


1930-1934 (changed after to plant 58)


K.E. Voroshilov Works, No.58 - Moscow


POLYEX (modern)


Other Russian/Soviet.

Unknown, likely a store brand. Translates to "Ideal, Moscow"

Unknown, likely a vanity marking

Unknown, likely a vanity marking. A.H Sergeyev.

Unknown. Made for Russia. Says Diana in English and Diana in Cyrillic.


Dzerzhinsky (Perm), Factory #10, USSR.

Only operated in 1944


HS: 47 89 20 (20 gauge)


РУЖЕЙ 16 "You" brand by



      Vsekohotsoyuz Hunters Union

Moscow 1922 -1931.

Made by E Torbek Moscow/Moscow Powder Factory.


Klimovsk Stamping Plant, Podolsk, USSR.

above have raised font


Union Military Hunting Society (Circa 1946-1950's)


n 21 raised. St. Petersburg Arsenal,


St Petersburg Arsenal


Union Military Hunting Society


Union Military Hunting Society Vstnik, Moscow

Upside Diamond in a Triangle

Unknown Store brands



Likely Nizhny Novgorod Plant.









                                              First 3 are Concorde Brand.

Above once thought to be made in Ukraine but they are made in Sofia, Bulgaria. All samples I have have dates from 1972-1975 but there may be other dates. Falcon Brand.



 Sellier & Bellot, Riga, Latvia.



Blue dot = Picture by Rene Polman





Sokol, Kiev Ukraine


Kiev Workshop

Blue dot = Picture by Rene Polman


American Shop, Kiev


Lugansk Cartridge Works




                        X3OBO have only seen with 1950's dates                           X3K 1960's to mid 1970's dates                                                             Mid 1970's to ?

Blue dot = Picture by Rene Polman





(organized by the present nations that once formed Yugoslavia)

Unknown in former Yugoslav area









Red dot: Photo by Coleccion de Cartuchos

de Espana





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